Now Is Your Chance To Discover Weakley County, Tennessee


Established on October 21, 1823, from land ceded by the Chickasaw Indians, Weakley County was named for Colonel Robert Weakley, then Speaker of the State Senate. Quality of life is unsurpassed with inviting residential atmosphere, educational opportunities, and recreation, all set on a quiet, country landscape. The civic engagement and the sense of pride felt by residents contribute in making Weakley County a leading manufacturing, agricultural, business, and educational county in northwest Tennessee.





Ned Ray McWherter is one of the most influential people in state history.  Located in the library the Governor built for Weakley County, each exhibit in the Governor’s museum showcases a special piece of his life. Many of the keepsakes in the museum are connected to Tennessee history and provide insight to the man he was outside of the title of Governor. The memorabilia traces his life from early childhood, through school, his life as an entrepreneur and business owner, all the way to becoming Tennessee’s Governor. Truly an inspiring person to know, come visit, discover, and bring your children to learn about the fascinating life of “The People’s Governor.”




We invite you to learn more about Martin by touring our site. Please explore the site features and take time to check out the many links on the page that will offer insight into our community. We take great pride in our city and hope that you will find our website informational and helpful. We have done much work in revitalizing our historic downtown where you will find unique gift shops and eateries. And, you will find that our greenway and park system offer many recreational activities.





HOUSE BILL No. 151. An act to incorporate the town of Sharon in Weakley County was presented to the Tennessee state legislature, passed January 29, 1901 and approved February 6, 1901. The bank of Sharon is located at the corner of South Houas and Main Street. The first day of business was December 1, 1902.The town of Sharon really got its beginning and started to grow when the Illinois central railroad bought the right-of-way for its tracks through this settlement. The first train came through on August 22, 1873. A dance was held in the depot to celebrate. The name Sharon was chosen because the first train through the town had as its engineer a man named Sharon.



Dresden serves as the county seat of Weakley County, and is located in the northwest corner of the State. Dresden is 121 miles northeast of Memphis, 65 miles east of the Mississippi River and 130 miles west of Nashville. The community is located about midway between Chicago and New Orleans.




Gleason was first organized as a community in 1850. At that time Gleason was called Oakwood, named for a large oak tree that stood next to Mr. W.W. Gleason’s general store. The community, which was settled as a result of the railroad, developed near the railroad tracks. Although growth was slow at first, agricultural products, chiefly cotton and tobacco, kept the town alive. 




Greenfield is located in Weakley County in the northwest section of Tennessee, 25 miles from the Kentucky state line. The history of Greenfield goes back to the laying of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad track in 1873.

The huge fields of green wheat inspired the engineer of the first train to give the town its name. The first dwellings were built in 1874 by John W. and James W. Ward. The first post office was established in the same year.