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From humble beginnings, to accomplished businessman,  and all the way through political success, Ned Ray McWherter never lost sight of who he was and where he came from. Nestled in the heart of Dresden, the Ned Ray Museum is home to personal mementos, political memorabilia, and keepsakes that detail his incredible life. Located inside the Weakley County Ned R. McWherter Museum in Dresden, bring your friends and loved ones and learn about this rich part of Tennessee history.

Ned Ray McWherter is one of the most influential people in state history.  Located in the library the Governor built for Weakley County, each exhibit in the Governor’s museum showcases a special piece of his life. Many of the keepsakes in the museum are connected to Tennessee history and provide insight to the man he was outside of the title of Governor. The memorabilia traces his life from early childhood, through school, his life as an entrepreneur and business owner, all the way to becoming Tennessee’s Governor. Truly an inspiring person to know, come visit, discover, and bring your children to learn about the fascinating life of “The People’s Governor.”